Through Yonder Window is a blend of an immersive experience and a theatre-in-the-round play:

-It is a very large space

-There are multiple things happening at the same time

-By design, there is a lot that you will not be able to see

-Each parking spot reveals and conceals different aspects of the many stories

-The show has been designed so that each car has a full, albeit a very different, experience

There are times when action will be right in front of you, there are times that the performers you can see are responding to something you cannot see. There are times when everyone may leave your view entirely. Rather than worrying about what you are not seeing, we suggest you fully embrace what you do experience, not unlike trusting the camera when watching a film.

What to expect:

Upon arrival, you will be guided into Verona. Someone will greet you to explain which environment you will be placed in, and who your primary characters of focus will be for the evening. They will guide you into a specifically angled spot which has been designed to give you a front row seat. It is a very large space, and by design there is more that you don’t see than you do see. Each spot presents different aspects of the stories.

If you are placed in the top of the garage you are in the church and will see a lot of Friar Laurence and Maria, Juliet’s nurse. If you are placed in the middle you are in the city and will see a lot of Tybalt and Mercutio. If you are placed at the bottom, these are the Montague and Capulet homes right next to each other, and you will see a lot of Lord Montague and Lady Capulet. Romeo and Juliet move evenly throughout the entire space.

To learn more, visit our Verona page.

How we’re staying COVID safe


-You never leave your car

-Windows and doors must remain closed for the full experience

-It’s as safe as staying home


-Within all rehearsals and shows, performers remain at least 6 feet apart and wear masks. The set is sanitized regularly and hand sanitizer is available at all times.

-There are never more than 10 people present at any rehearsal or performance.