Through Yonder Window A SONDERimmersive experience

In collaboration with Utah Arts Alliance and The Gateway

Created by Graham Brown and Rick Curtiss

Romeo — Jacob Baird
Juliet — Nadia Sine
Lord Montague — Rick Curtiss
Lady Capulet — Catherine Mortimer
Tybalt — Emma Sargent
Mercutio — Hannah Fischer
Friar Laurence — Tyler Fox
Maria, Juliet’s Nurse — Scout Smith
Artistic Director, Choreographer — Graham Brown
Theatrical Director, Writer — Rick Curtiss
Art Director — Jake Buntjer
Scenographer — Joseph Wheeler
Composer — Wachira Waigwa-Stone

Additional musicians

Laurie Hite - violin, viola, vocals
Will Roney - guitar
Mason Petersen - tenor saxophone
Gus Bogdanow - trumpet

Graphic Designer — Kimberlee Curtiss
Business Manager — Camila Rosas
Utah Arts Alliance Liaison —Jonathan King
Gateway Liaison — Jacklyn Briggs
SONDERimmersive owner — Molly Chrisman

Through Yonder Window was created in intense collaboration with all of the above